Machine-moulded sand casting

In our machine-moulding foundry we can produce complex and less complex castings in medium-sized to large batches in our automatic moulding line. For products with one or more cores we have an advanced core-moulding workshop.

Our core-moulding workshop is equipped with sophisticated machinery for various volumes with both small and large cores. We also have several sand systems that can be used, depending on the product.

To keep your investment costs in the model designs as low as possible, the choice of material for the model design is tailored to the complexity of the product and the expected quantity.

Air Inlet Pipe

Air Inlet Pipe | Weight : 2,2 kg | Dimensions : L : 400 mm W : 200 mm H : 95 mm | Material: EN AC-AL Si10MgCu) / EN AC- 43200

EGR Mixer

EGR Mixer | Weight : 3,45 kg | Dimensions : L :430 mm W : 280 mm H : 100 mm | Material : EN AC-AL Si10Mg(a) / EN AC – 43000

Flywheel housing

Flywheel housing | Weight: 5.2 kg | Dimensions : L : 400 mm W : 400 mm H : 200 mm | Material: EN AC-ALSi7Mg / EN AC – 42100

Product examples

Our strengths

  • Complex and less complex castings
  • Use of composite cores possible
  • Pressure, vacuum and gastight castings
  • Single to medium-sized batch production
  • Combination of good moulding sand and aluminium of perfect quality
  • Various core shooting machines with different capacities for small and large cores
  • Skilled employees
  • Short changeover times

Advantages of machine-moulded sand casting

  • Relatively low investment costs for the model
  • Good accuracy of measurement and surface quality
  • High freedom of moulding
  • Flexible process
  • Short lead time for production start-up
  • Relatively easy to make changes

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